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Attractions of Thanjavur

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Brihadeshwara Temple
Brihadeshwara temple has achieved the status of most prized architectural sites which was built by the Great Chola emperor Raja Raja Chola in 1010 AD. It is one of the tallest temples with a height of 216 ft (66 m) high. Popularly known as the ‘Big Temple’ has turned 1000 years, it flocks thousands of people with its unbelievable sculptors and paintings. The entire temple structure has been designed with hard granite stones which look stunning in the shade of moonlight.

The Brihadeeswarar Temple was built mainly to describe the lifestyle of the emperors- their powers and warm relationship with people. This scared place is also famous for its deity, Shiva, a protector of everyone’s life. Visitors can also watch the daily rituals of this temple which keep all the culture and tradition of India. To keep it maintained, 600 people are appointed who take care of it very well. During the Brahmin priests, this temple was considered as a hub of business activities such as flower merchants, milk vendors, oil merchants, ghee merchants etc.

These are the regular needs for Poojas in the temple. More than this, it held many cultural events where trained dancers get a golden opportunity to perform well in front of all people and get appreciation. The architecture of this temple displays the finest example of the Dravida type. It presents the perfect ideology of the Tamil civilization of South India. This temple has always knowing to be the best one in terms of beautiful sculptors and paintings.

Brihadeshwara temple Chandra Bagawan temple
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