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Attractions of Srinagar

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Hari Parbat Fort
The greatest fort of the reign of Akbar was Hari Parbat Fort which was built by an Afghan Governer, Atta Mohammad Khan. This Mughal fort lies to the west of the Dal Lake and placed on the top of the Sharika Hill.

Parvati temple is built on the western slope and on the south, there are the Muslim shrines of Khwaja Makhdoom Sahib and Akhund Mullah Shah is located. There is a Guru Dwara on the southern side of the outer wall of this fort which is mainly reminds us the visit of Guru Hargobind Singh. As per the record of the legends, this hill was previously a lake like a sea which was occupied by offensive demon called Jalobhava. Every stone and other dust particle in and around this fort are supposed to be very precious for the Hindus.

Originally, it was built under the reign of Akbar but later on it was put by the Afghan governor of Kashmir in the 18th century. The 33 crores Gods are presiding in this scared place according to the Hindu religion.

Hari Parbat Hill absorbs at the Mandalay Hill, a central place in the valley. It consists of basaltic rock that compliments the growth of almond trees. The complete hill even the smallest stone and the dust particles is scared to the Hindua. The shrine of Maqdom Sahib is situated in the southern side and adjacent with the mosque and monastery of Akhun Malla Shah, the eldest son of Shah-Jahan the great Mughal ruler. It is believed that the hill has two demons; Tsand and Mond occupy the fair valley.

Shalimar Garden Dal Lake Hari Parbat Fort

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