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The hometown of cashew product in India is Mangalore with having largest producer and exporter in the world. Here is a massive cashew processing industry that has been innovated various procedures in making cashew nuts in different styles and colors. More than 500 workers are giving their best affords in the factory in which ninety-five percent of the women employees are working, belonging from local areas. This facility also provides day and night staff buses/ cans to all of its employees. The office cabs pick them from their stops and drop at the factory premises on time. You will gain knowledge about the production process in your 45-minute visit. It includes the procedure of cashew kernels, shells, husks.

At the beginning, cashew nuts are placed at backyard to dry and then it put into massive containers for roasting. Soon after roasting, conveyor has a responsibility to shift it into another department. Each shield is open in nature that one can put roasted cashew nuts in opened trays. Once nuts have baked well, they are sent for peeling of external skin. Finally, they are ready to shift in grading department for a final touch in terms of color, size and pieces. After the total process of grading, they’re brought for quality packaging for uplifting in market for sale.

Mangalore has a rich cultural background as continuing with the Kadri Manjunath Temple which traces back to about 1068. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, this temple houses a statue made of bronze. Additionally, St. Aloysius Church is a breathtaking must-see visit, located in heart of the city. Established in 1899-1900, the church represents a unique beauty of the chapel that is steeped in the magnificent sequence of paintings. The beautiful ceiling and walls were designed by Italian artist Anthony Moscheni. On the ceiling, you’ll see middle row of paintings, illustrating the life of Aloysius Gonzaga—a young man who has scarified his wealth, power and authority to help the poor people.

The Gokarnanath Temple is the most captivating innovative temple of Mangalore that is devoted to Lord Shiva. Built by a Hindu business man to promote the influence of non-Brahmins of Mangalore, this temple has flourishing white marble floors and golden paintings. Inside this temple, you will explore murals that reflect the phases of legends, myths and epics of countless gods and goddesses in India.

Please note: Wear diffident clothes before entering. You must cover your shoulders, knees and midriffs properly. It is advisable to put your shoes outside.

The price is based on 2 - 4 people travelling. For more than 4 people kindly enquire now for special prices.

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