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Manalitheeram Ayurveda

PIZHICHIL - 14 days - 608 Euro (1 time 47 Euro)
In Pizhichil, pieces of linen, dipped in lukewarm herbal oils are applied all over the body by two to four trained therapists in a special rhythmic way continuously for about 60 to 90 minutes per day for a period of 7 to 21 days. It is an effective remedy for Rheumatic diseases like arthritis, paralysis, hemiplegia, paralysis-agitanus, sexual weakness, nervous weakness and nervous disorders etc.

NJAVARAKIZHI - 14 days - 587 Euro (1 time 44 Euro)
It involves massaging of the whole body or any specific part thereof is made to perspire by the application of certain medical puddings filled in muslin bag. This is applied by two to four therapist for about 60 to 90 minutes per day for a period of 14 days. This treatment is for all types of rheumatism, pain in the joints, emaciation of limbs, high blood pressure, cholesterol and certain kinds of skin diseases.

DHARA - 14 days - (Thakra Dhara & Ksheera Dhara - 192 Euro, 1 time 16 Euro) Thyladhara-307 Euro 1 time 25 Euro)
Dhara consists of liberal application of some herbal oils, medicated milk, medicated butter milk etc., which are poured on the forehead in a special method for about 45 minutes in a day for a period of 7 to 21 days. This treatment is mainly for insomnia, vatha predominated diseases, mental tension and certain skin diseases.

VASTHI - 14 days (Matra Vasthi - 94 Euro, Sneha Vasthi - 192 Euro, Kashaya Vasthi-1 time 41 Euro)
Certain herbal oils, herbal extracts etc., are applied through the rectum daily for a period of 5 to 25 days. This treatment is for arthritis, paralysis, hemiplegia, numbness, gastric complaints associated with rheumatism and constant constipation.

SIROVASTHI-14 days-229 Euro (1 time 19 Euro)
In this process, a long cap open at the top is fitted around the patients head and Certain lukewarm herbal oils are poured into a cap fitted on the head for 15 to 60 minutes per day according to the patient's conditions for a period of 7 days. This treatment is highly effective for facial paralysis, dryness of nostrils, mouth and throat, severe headaches, and other vatha originated diseases.

UDVARTHANAM- 14 days-219 Euro (1 time 16 Euro)
It is a deep dry massage using herbal powder for about 30 to 45 minutes daily for a period of 14 to 28 days. This treatment is for the diseases like hemitplegia, paralysis, obesity (excess fat) and certain rheumatic ailments.

ABHYANGAM -14 days- 99 Euro (1 time 9 Euro)
Special type of oil massage in which strokes are given according to the diseases for 45 minutes per day for 14 days. This treatment is very useful for obesity, especially for diabetic gangrene etc.

NASYAM-14 days - 57 Euro (1 time 5 Euro)
Herbal juices, medicated oils etc., are applied through nose for 7 to 14 days. This treatment is highly effective for certain kinds of headaches, paralysis, mental disorders, certain types of skin diseases etc.

SNEHAPANAM- 14 days-125 Euro
Medicated ghee is given internally in a proportionally increased quantity for a period of 8 to 12 days. This treatment is for osteoarthritis, psoriasis, leukaemia etc.

KIZHI-14 days-104 to 364 Euro
Herbal leaves and herbs or herbal powders are applied to the whole body in boluses with hot medicated oils for 45 minutes per day for a period of 7 to 14 days. This treatment is for osteoarthritis, arthritis with swelling, spondilosis, sports injuries etc.

DHANYAMLA DHARA - 14 days - 50 Euro
Warm herbal liquid is poured all over the body in a rhythmic way through a special vessel for 45 minutes to 1 hour daily. This treatment is very effective for hemiplegia, paralysis rheumatic complaints etc.

YONI PRAKSHALANAM - 7 days - 50 Euro
Herbal oils and decoctions are applied through the vaginal route. This treatment is good for gynaecological disorders. It is also a purification process for genital organs.

KATIVASTHI - 1 time 16 Euro
In Kathivasthi specially prepared warm medicated oil is kept over the lower back with herbal paste boundary. This treatment lasts for 45 minutes to 1 hour and it is a good treatment for any type of back pain and spinal disorders.

UROVASTHI - 1 time 21 Euro
Like kativasthi warm medicated oil is kept over the chest for 45 minutes. This is an effective treatment for asthma, other respiratory problems, heart diseases and muscular chest pain.

KSHEERADHOOMAM - 1 time 5 Euro
This is a fomentation process with medicated cow milk. This treatment is good for facial paralysis. Bell's palsy, speech disorders and other nervous disorders of the face.

THALAM-1 time 3 Euro
Special powder mixed with medicated oil applying on the top of the head for 20 to 45 minutes. This treatment is helpful for ENT problems, isomnia, migraine etc.

LEPANAM- 1 time 9 Euro
A process by which medicated herbal paste is applied on the affected part. This is a useful remedy for various types of inflammatory conditions.

Prime Body Care in Ayurveda

(Rasayana Chikilsa)-14 days -619 Euro
This is a complete rejuvenation therapy consisting of synchronised body massage with hand and foot by two therapists with medicated oil and cream, internal rejuvenative medicines and herbal medicated steam bath. This therapy is for 90 minutes to 2 hours per day for 7 to 14 days. This therapy is to rejuvenate mind, body and soul, to tone up skin, to strengthen all systems so as to achieve ideal health and longevity.

(Shodhana Chikilsa) -15 days - 686 Euro
It is a process of purifying the whole body to attain proper balance of vatha, pitha and kapha based on the panchakarma and swedakarma treatment. The 15 days package process includes body massage, snehapanam, nasyam, virechanam (medicated purgative), snehavasthi, dhara, pizhichil, njavarakizhi, karnapooranam, tharpanam, sirovasthi, steam bath, and internal herbal medicines.

(Kayakalpa Chikilsa) - 28 days - 1247 Euro
This is the prime treatment in Ayurveda for reducing ageing processes, arresting the degeneration of the body cells and immunisation of the system. Giving Rasayana (Very Special Ayurvedic Medicine) internally is the main part of this programme, based on the panchakarma and swedakarma treatment. The 28-day package programme includes body massage, snehapanam, virechanam, nasyam, snehavasthi, dhara, pizhichil, njavarakizhi, tharpanam, sirovasthi, karnapooranam and medicated steam bath. This treatment is best effective if taken before the age of 60 for either sex.

(Sidhma chikilsa) - 21 days -1143 Euro
This is an effective treatment for all types of psoriasis. This special Ayurvedic treatment programme lasts for 21 to 28 days. This programme includes special lepanam, abhyangam, snehapanam, pizhichil, medicated steam bath, and sirovasthi along with exclusively prepared internal herbal medicines.

SLIMMING PROGRAMME - 28 days - 1143 Euro
It consists of two types of massages. (1) medicated herbal powder massage, (2) medicated herbal oil massage. These two massages will be given for 28 days. This programme also includes medicated steam bath, intake of herbal juices and herbal tea. A very special Ayurvedic diet is advised during the treatment period.

In this programme herbal face pack, herbal cream massage, herbal oil massage, intake of herbal tea and steam bath are included. This treatment increases the skin complexion, skin tone and beautifies the body figure.

This is a special treatment to keep your spine and neck healthy and to cure the problems related with it. This programme includes special massages, kativasthi, snehavasthi, kashayavasthi, pizhichil, njavarakizhi, special exercises etc.

KARNAPOORANAM - 1 time 03 Euro
This is a process of medicated fumes applied to the ears for 5 to 10 minutes. This process helps to clean the ears and avoids ailments associated to the ear.

THARPANAM - 1 time 03 Euro
This is the cleaning process of the eyes which gives the cooling effect, prevents eye diseases and strengthens the optic nerve.

MUKHALEPAM - 1 time 05 Euro
This is a herbal face pack with specially made herbal powder and fresh cream. This prevents and avoids wrinkles and improves the skin tone. This is also good for the eyes.

This massage includes whole body massage with herbal oil or herbal powder by hand and foot, for 90 minutes. This is good for rejuvenating the body, to reduce mental tension, sexual weakness, to improve vitality etc.

Body massage for 60 minutes with herbal oil or herbal powder by hand to tone up the body and to improve the blood circulation etc.

Certain precious herbal leaves and herbs are boiled and the steam is passed to the whole body for 10 to 20 minutes. This is good for certain skin diseases, to eliminate impurities from the body, to improve the tone of the body, to reduce fat etc.

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