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Mahabalipuram Tour

Mahabalipuram is located in the state of Tamil Nadu on the Coromandel Coast next to the Bay of Bengal. It was a well-maintained sea port during the 7th and 10th centuries of the Pallava dynasty. The name was originally derived after the rude, cruel, and arrogant King Mahabali who was killed during a violent battle by Lord Vishnu at that location.

In the rule of the Pallavas, latest styles of art and architecture were established. Mahabalipuram is famous especially for its new artistic and architectural creations. Actually, it is often referred to as an open museum. Here, many temples were even carved out of one massive rock rather than simply constructed out of rock.

The architecture is not the only draw for tourists but also tells the actual story of the past. The area is also nestled with impressive surroundings like beautiful white sandy beaches and trees that are plentiful that are found in abundance there. In Mahabalipuram, one get a fantastic shopping experience by getting exquisite local handmade crafts are readily that are available in the local shops.

Shore Temple, Five Ratha's are the two major attractions of this city.

It is the historical town of Mahabalipuram lying on the Coromandel Coast of Tamil Nadu. It has been established as a flourishing sea port by the Pallava kings during the period from 7th to 10th century. The city was rewarded as the second capital of the Pallava dynasty. Number of the temple was built during this time.

During the reign of King Narsimha Varman I, the ancient name of the city was ‘Mamallapuram’ which was later converted into Mahabalipura. There is a very interesting story associated with the name of the town. There was the king called Narsima and he was awarded with a title ‘Mamalla’ meaning ‘the great wrestler’ hence, the title was derived from this name.

From the 3rd to the 9th century, the Pallavas ruled here and during this time many saints and poets were born here. The most glorious years of the Pallava rules came in the period from 650 to 750 AD and during this time the rulers were the most powerful. Till then, the city slipped into unconsciousness and was restarted only in the year 1827, by the British who established the foundation of the modern city of Mahabalipuram.

Travel within city
As a religious place, it attracts a large number of devotes throughout the year, therefore lots of modes of transport available within the town of Mahabalipuram, and some of these are buses and rented motorcycles.

With the availability of bus services, you will be able to reach at this city very easily. These buses are mainly tourist buses running from Chennai, Bangalore, Madurai and other nearby locations.

Cabs are the best option in the city which is available from Chennai to Mahabalipuram.

Rented Motorbike
You can opt for motorbike on rent through which you can visit at various sites in this city. The charges will vary from one to another destination depending on the type of motorcycle that you go for.

On Foot
Mahabalipuram is a very tiny town having many major places of interest that are found quite close to each other. Thus, you can travel to all the major regions in Mahabalipuram through foot. It is one of the best ways to save money and keep your health fit.

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