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The Raj Palace is an extremely convenient place to stay during your visit to Jaipur. Being in the middle of four main palace complexes of Jaipur (Amer, Jaigarh Fort, Nahar Garh Fort and the City Palace complex), it is located at a short distance from all sightseeing and shopping places.

Moreover, the fact that it is situated on the main Jaipur-Delhi Road and is only about half a kilometre away from Jaipur-Agra Highway also makes The Raj Palace an ideally located tourist stopover. Regular flights form most of the domestic locations like Delhi, Bombay, Calcutta, Ahmedabad, Jodhpur, Udaipur, also the city Airport is of international facilities and many international flights fly directly from Dubai, Bangkok etc.

Raj Palace, located on the Amber Road near the Zorawar Singh Gate, isn't exactly unknown to celebrities, having hosted Fredrick Forsyth, Dominic La Pierre and film stars from Hollywood and Bollywood the hotel itself has been in operation for 10 years.

HH Gaj Singh of Jodhpur, President of the Heritage Hotels Association of India, presided over the function. Congratulating Jayendra Kumri, the current owner of The Raj Palace, and Arun Puri, he said, "this is India's first-ever award in the best in world category and The Raj Palace should be justifiably proud to have brought home this honour for the country and, equally importantly, Rajasthan."

Jayendra Kumari, the grand daughter of Thakur Raj Singh of Chomu and the 16th generation of Rajasthan's Chomu royal family that built The Raj Palace in 1727.

While there are many objective reasons to prefer The Raj Palace, there are others that can only be experienced never explained. The Raj Palace has 29 Rooms / Suites with 38 bedrooms overlooking towards Gardens, Chandani Chowk (Courtyard), and the pool. Each suite / room is unique and each seems still to breathe the spirit of illustrious guests who once stayed here.

The Palace Suites & Presidential suite offer the complete Royal apartment blocks within the Palace which include multiple bedrooms, Living rooms, Dining room, Private access to Home theatre, Gym Spa, Pool, Kitchen, Staff accommodation, Meeting rooms, Office, Library etc. they are actually own private Pavilions within The Palace.

Our prestige suites were lived by the heads of the other royal Family guests. The crowned prince and the Maharani Sahiba. And other wives of Thakur Sahib - a bedroom where each guest would find recreated the comfort and elegance of finest level of Royal Luxury.

The historical suites were lived by the Royal Dignitaries of other Thikanas, other wives of Thakur Sahib and wife of Crowned prince and other senior members of The Royal Family these suites have best view with large area and are laid with finest Italian Marble the bathrooms have the latest in design and technology and are laid in finest Italian marble the original old Royal antique furniture is used in most of these suites they have a private museum with valuable collections of the Royal Family.

The heritage Rooms were used for entertainment of Thakur sahib. These rooms were used for recreation by the young prince, princesses and also used sometimes by the Female Members of the Royal Dignitaries of other Thikanas. -Each suites has its own soul, its own individual harmony a marriage of the finest material, rare woods, silk, brocades, furniture and artefacts created by masters craftsman. The royal guests and the junior members of the royal family used these rooms.

The Standard rooms true to the spirit of the Raj Palace, each room offers a harmonious blend of modern convenience and ethnic Royal Charm. The rooms are equipped with modern facilities required by the discerning modern traveller.

Swapna Mahal (Multicusine Restaurant)

Formal receptions remained the focal activity of courtly life during the British period. Hence the Thakur Sahib made The Swapna Mahal imitating the great houses of the British and French nobility, this hall is completely fitted out with European furniture, chandeliers, mirrors, curtains and a crockery collections. The Swapna Mahal means the palace of Dreams. The double height celing has breathtaking majestic crystal chandeliers and panels of silk curtains will take you to the dream world.

Built with several beautiful arches, silver Jharokas and colored glasses, the Swapna Mahal is the multi cuisine restaurant of The Raj Palace. The setting of dining hall conjures up images of its fantastic past and every meal is tribute to royalty. Every chair and table of the restaurant is so elegantly designed which will give you the feeling of the princely state and Maharaja’s.

Our crockery museum inside the restaurant will take you to the history and will show you the crockery used in 17th and 18th Century
The Swapna Mahal is a place for your dream comes true; it is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The Kebab Shop (Live Barbe Que)
The Royal Lounge (Coffee Shop)
Shikarbadi (The Bar)



In the 18th Century, the Thakur Sahib has got the first Gramophone (popularly known as CHURI WALA BAAZA), the public from the all the connecting villages and Thikanas came to the haveli to see that Baaza and it was a grand occasion in the evening, later the Churi wala Baaza was converted into the Radio and then the television.

Manoranjan, the hi tech digital potential place for the canvas moving pictures and their perfect melodrama. The cozy home theatre entertains with a big collection of Hollywood and Bollywood movies with subtitles in various European languages. The theatre has a big space for luxury push back chairs with fold write pads. It is designed with Acoustics innovations and has state of art technology and latest 2000 Lumen LCD Projector.

Marionette Show
Baggi Safari


12.00 km From Airport

Railway Station
6.00 km form Railway Station

City Center
Distance 100 meters


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