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Trekking Tours - Ladakh
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Ladakh Trekking Tour

Ladakh one of the most favourite trekking destination, having some of the most picturesque and challenging treks in northern India. Located in the northernmost part of India some seven kilometers from the Indus River and its extensive valley.Ladakh is a paradise for trekkers with plenty of trekking in ladakh options for to suit all adventurers and nature lovers. Take a trip of 1 day to 1 month - walking, cycling, rafting, trekking, riding and touring, discovering the local life styles and culture. There are many treks combining culture and sport activities . Such as Our special "Amchi Medicine trek" "Sham maditation trek" can be combined with rafting along the Indus river and a tour of local monesteries allowing you to savour different aspects of Ladakhi culture. The most important feature of trekking in Ladakh is it's High Mountain passes which comes on the trekking routes gives you opportunity to have wonderful view of colorful mountains and amazing landscape everyday. Spituk to Markha Valley, Laayury gompa to Chilling and Likir to Temisgam are some of the popular treks that one can take. The exhilarating high altitude mountain climb of Stok Kangri (6212mts) combined with the beautiful Markha valley trek of 9 to 12 days forever popular for it's amazing geography and nature.

Spituk to stok of 4 days
Near leh.
Period : june to october.
Likir to khaltse of 4 days
Sham area western ladakh.
Period : all year throughout.
Lamayuru to alchi 6 days
South west ladakh.
Period : june to october.
Spituk to tsomoriri lake of 18 days
South west leh.
Period : june to september.
Rumtse to korzok at tsomoriri lake of 9 days
South east ladakh, nomadic lands.
Period : june to september.
Lamayuru to stok of 9 days
South west leh.
Period : june to october.
Spituk to hemis of 9 days
Markha valley
South east ladakh.
Period : mid june-mid october.
Padum to phuktal of 10 days
South east ladakh in zansker. South west leh.
Period : august to october.
Hemis to padum of 10 days
South west ladakh. To zanskar.
Period : september to october.
Padum to darcha of 11 days
South west ladakh. To manali.
Period : ending june to october.
Tsomo riri lake to gya of 11 days
South east leh. Nomadic lands.
Period : june to october.
Hemis to dipring of 11 days
South east leh.
Period : june to october.
Lamayuru to padum of 11 days
South west ladakh. To zanskar.
Period : june to october.
Hemis to jukstak of 12 days
South east ladakh. Nomadic ways.
Period : mid june to mid september.
Hemis to tsomoriri lake of 13 days
South east ladakh.
Period : june to september.
Rumtse to tsomoriri lake via tsoker lake of 7 days
South east ladakh, changthang plateau.
Period : june to september.
Ladakh Trekking TourTreks in HimalayasTrekking in Ladakh
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