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Kota is a thriving tourist spot which is located in the state of Rajasthan on the banks of the Chambal River and is one of the most dynamic and picturesque by nature. The foundation of the Kota was laid on 1264 AD after the Rajput controlled over the place from a local tribal people. With opulence past and rich heritage history, kings of Kota were well-known for their legendary and bravery in some wars fought with Mughal emperors.

Kota is renowned for its splendid heritage, a monument for the Rajput culture and gallantry. The coat of Kota was highly accomplished for its marvelous design as similar to a masterpiece with winged Garuda as the base. It is also covered with attractive temples with many legendary stories behind, historical forts and imposing palaces based on the history of Rajput architectural styles.

Over the years, Kota has come up all most modern and luxurious amnesties in terms of industry and commerce. One of the major attractions in Kota is the ancient temples. Kansua temple is one of the great temples in the locality enshrining the Lord Shiva with a unique feature of four faces. Moreover, one can see best museums in Rajasthan that are a place most visited by tourists viewing the ancient and historical artifacts of Rajasthan.

Presently, Kota is world-popular for number of items such as textile weaving, impressive handicrafts, cosmetic items, oilseed and cotton milling, distilleries and dairy products. Metal handicrafts are the special things that are also very popular for the Victorian style buildings adapted from the British.
City Palace, Chambal Gardens are the major attraction of this city.

It is quite an enjoyable history so far. During the 12th century, Kota in Rajasthan enjoys an interesting history. Going back to the 12th century, the history was claimed to have been the seat Hada chieftain, and than it was divided in two parts, namely Bundi and Hadoti. At the beginning of the 17th century, city has gained the admiration as an important symbol of Rajput valor and all the rule was handed over the reigns of the city to his son Madho Singh, during the rule of King Jehangir.

The time of the city has gone very bad suffered constant attacks from the Marathas and the Nizams of Hyderabad, however, their all attempts were failed to win. During the time of 1771, the king of Kota Goman Sing died. Before his death, he handed over the reigns to his ten year old son Umed who was then helped by Zalim Singh.
The city came under into existence of British flag in 1817 and it remained so till India’s independence.

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