Konark Attractions
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Attractions of Konark

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Konark Attractions
Chandrabhga beach
The Chandrabhga beach is a very beautiful spot that has moved away by 2 Km from the Konark Sun Temple. The beach has potential to catch the attention of many tourists and provides them a beautiful and calm experience that is looking for solitude. Here, tourists can also enjoy a 7 day festival that is organized annually on the beach called the Chandrabhaga fair. It is organized in the honour of Sun God that is spotted by religious events on the beach.
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Konark Sun Temple
Konark Sun Temple is a magnificent monument that was built in the thirteenth century. It was recognized as a gigantic chariot of the Sun God. The Konark Sun temple is a majestic structure belonging to the Kalinga School of architecture. It is the most famous temple for its impressive dimensions and faultless proportions.

The Konark Sun temple is another form of a chariot of the Sun god showing by seven spirited horses on twelve pairs of elegantly decorated wheels. The entrance of this temple is guarded by two giant lions showing crushing a war elephant. Each elephant in every corner lies on top of a human body. Nata Mandir is located nearby the entrance of the Konark Sun temple where the temple dancers used to perform dances in homage to the Sun god. It is believed that thousands of sculptures are to be drawn on the walls of the Konark Sun temple. It includes deities, celestial and human musicians, dancers, lovers, and myriad scenes of courtly life.

The Konark Sun Temple is also celebrated as an annual dance festival featuring Odissi and other traditional dance forms. It is arranged on an open air stage against the backdrop of the floodlit temple. The main theme of this festival involves display of traditional art and craft, and an exhibition of exotic Sand Art.
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Chandrabhga beach Konark Sun Temple

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