Khajuraho Overview
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Khajuraho Tour

Khajuraho is a one of the widely acclaimed historical destinations which is known for ancient temples. It is located in the woody planes of Bundelkhand region. Today, it becomes a biggest tourist attraction in North India known as the symbol of the medieval heritage. The captivating temples of Khajuraho represent a perfect blend of architectural and sculptural sheerness.

Here, tourists can find a wide range of opulent approaches which are based on languorous, confrontational, impishly tempting, reliability. Since many thousand years, old temples are decorated with most outstanding, erotic and aesthetic sculptures that depict philosophy in the Hindu religion.

Due to the innovative thoughts and highly imaginative artistic sense, it has gained the magnificence and dignity amongst others. Besides it, Khajuraho has many dance festival that offers an elite platform to showcase the Indian classical dance forms plugging with the stunning performances of great dancers of India.

As far as hotspots in Indian tourism arena concerned, Khajuraho offers outstanding shopping opportunities that offer mementos at best of prices related to its supernatural charm and splendorous past.

While travelling to this city, you musi see msny wonderful places such as Kandariya Mahadev Temple, Devi Jagdamba Temple, Chitragupta Temple, Vaman Temple

The history of the Khajuraho is still a mystery that can be associated with a ruler, Pratihara Kings of North India from 500 to 1300 C.E. During the ancient times, it the prospective was based on the Mythological beliefs called as ‘Khajur-vahika’.

There were some famous legends which were involved with the foundation of the city. It is often said that Hemavati, the widow daughter of the king sacrificed her self-respect, in order give the respect for her father and gone to the Moon God who was attracted to her so much.

Travel within city
Khajuraho is a striking city in Madhya Pradesh which is most poplar tourist destination in the world for its many erotic rock carvings and temples. To travel within the city, there are aplenty options of transports. There are many means of transportation that are available in Khajuraho such as bicycles, cycle rickshaws, and auto rickshaws.

Auto Rickshaw
Auto rickshaw in Khajuraho is the most preferred mode for travelling that can catch an auto from all major places including the market and the town bus stand.

Cycle Rickshaw
Cycle rickshaws are quite slow but also a cheaper mode compared to the rest. The fares of Cycle rickshaw will be around Rs 10 to 20.

Rented Bicycle
You can opt for a bicycle to travel around Khajuraho from many shops; it would be the perfect option as well as cheap mode of transport.

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