Himalayan tour is one of the over whelming and most exciting travels on India, which covers the entire northern part of India. Himalayas is the ultimate adventure destinations where our travelers can do climbing, and trekking, and more interestingly they can see and experience the exotic and picturesque view of the place. Moreover, still Himalaya has seen and observed as sacred place, which is mostly covered with snow. Further, mountains were considered the abode of Lord Shiva and where still lord exists. In this tour they can see White Water River rafting, mountaineering, and camping. Further, the Himalayan Tours have widely fascinated to the tourists and here they mainly come to see the heights and also significance for the adventure enthusiasts for its religious significance. The Himalayan ranges have also and inspired the cultural and traditions values of the people and in totality the palace is best for adventurous trip, ultimate destinations who believers ritual customs.