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Cities of India
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Kamakhya Temple near Guwahati in AssamThe gateway to the North-Eastern States Guwahati is Situated on the Southern Bank of the mighty Brahmaputra river the son of Brahma. A reference of Guwahati has been mentioned in Kalika puran and Mahahbharata. In history, Guwahati was identified as 'Pragjyotispura' meaning the 'light of the East '. The Present Name Guwahati is apparently derived from 'Guwai' and 'Hatt' that mean batalnut market. Dispur the capital of Assam is in the heart of this city and it is a principal center of socio-culture , political , industrial , trade and commerce of the entire region . The largest Tea Auction market in India lies in Guwahati. Things to see in and around Guwahati are kamakhya temple, Basistha Ashram, Kalakhetra, Umanda temple, State Zoo, and many more. And also visit to Sualkuchi, the Manchester of Assam, Madan Kamdev, Hajo,a pilgrimage for both Hindu & Muslim ,Pobitora National Park may also be some of the good experiences.

It is a place 24km from Guwahati, where lies the three different religions- Hindu, Muslim and Buddhists. Both the Hindus and the Buddhists offer prayer in the same temple of Hayagriva Madhava, According to the Buddhist claim ,the image inside the temple is that of Buddha and the Hindus claim that the horseheaded form of the image is that of Vishnu. It is a rare instant to be Hindu temple and Muslim mosque in a close proximity.

Sualkuchi is 32km from Guwahati and on the northern bank of the Brahmaputra river. Assam silk, viz Pat ,Muga and Endi , the designs on which perfectly showcase the craftmenship of the artisans of Assam and which have occupied a remarkable place in state`s economy, is produced in Sualkuchi.

Madan Kamdev
Madan Kamdev is 40km from Guwahati. It is a historical spot getting mention in Yogini Tantra. Images and icons of griffins, nymphs, dancing fairies, gods and goddesses , six headed Bhairava, four headed Shiva are scattered in this tiny hillock.

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