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Bhopal Tour

Bhopal is the most famous tourist destination that is located in the midst of two artificial lakes, Madhya Pradesh. This city is a naturally blessed with woody forests, majestic hills and vibrant landscapes. Besides it, it has man made lakes that reflects the twinkling lights of city at night.

The city has well endowed with monuments which have unique character of its own presenting a harmonious blend of Hindu and Islamic cultures with a perfect symphony of North Indian and South Indian traditions. The tale of this historic city lies in the fact based on the rulers which was ruled over by the powerful Begums over centuries. Every field and the beautiful mansions and mosques are the speaking edifices of their golden rule.

Presently, it is quite a modern Bhopal where visitors can see the richness of tradition with the style. It has some glorious past with the havelis, grand mosques and the museums. These are constructed which exhibits a superb blend of Islam, Hindu and European style architecture. In short, Bhopal has successfully transformed into a extensive city decorated by its vibrant past.

In terms of arts and culture, Bhopal provides numerous artistic centers which represent contemporary arts. Bhopal is also a focus point of the folk and tribal arts that give a feel of village life in the state. Apart from it, Bhopal is renowned for the famous cave paintings, which are considered as so much valuable but also for their ethnicity.

Must See/Do:
Taj-ul-Masjid, Upper Lake, Van Vihar National Park

It is acclaimed as one of the oldest cities in India boasting several historical legends that enriches the Indian culture. The city however, came under the banner of the Mughal dynasty who ruled here till the beginning of the 18th century. After the winning reign of Begum Sultan Jahan, the throne of Bhopal was passed on to her son, Hamidullah in 1926. In was under his rule, that the state signed the ‘Instrument of Accession’ and thus, became part of Indian republic, in the year 1947.

Travel within city
Bhopal is a high-tech city that has number of transport option to travel in and around the town. One can opt for the public buses or auto rickshaws, Cabs and call taxis that are also available in this city for a luxurious mode of travel.

This city provides you regular as well as mini buses at the cheapest cost and they range around Rs 5 to 20, depending on the distance involved. Further, Star buses are privately owned vehicles that are available for almost the same fares a wide reach and are a popular mode of transport.

Auto Rickshaw
Auto rickshaws are another popular mode of transport which is available not only for day time but night time as well with no extra charges.

Taxis and cabs are the best means of transport that are available in Bhopal in its various hotels, railway station and airport. The range of Taxi fares in Bhopal are from Rs 12 to 14 per kilometer.

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