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The Kingdom of Thailand is an independent state which is located in the heart of Southeast Asia. It is surrounded by Laos and Myanmar to its northern part; Laos and Cambodia to its eastern part; Gulf of Thailand and Malaysia to its southern part; Andaman Sea and Myanmar to its western part. The famous maritime boundaries of Thailand include Vietnam in the Gulf of Thailand to the southeast and Indonesia and India in the Andaman Sea to the southwest. This tourist destination of India beyond tour is famous in the world for Buddhist spiritual tourism as Thailand is regarded as one of the most piously Buddhist countries in the world. More than 95% of the population of the Thailand practices Theravada Buddhism, its may be the main reason that Theravada Buddhism is regarded as the National Religion of Thailand. The culture and traditions are significantly influenced by India from where the Buddhism spread to other parts of world, China and some of the European countries. Today, Thailand is regarded as the one of the most mesmerized, captivated and captivating tourist destinations of the world blessed with magnetic beauty of the scintillating blue water, shinny white sandy beaches and the splendid coral beaches along with other tourist destinations comprised of famous cities to celebrate evergreen holidays in Thailand. So, to have full enjoyment while on India beyond tour destination of Thailand, the travelers will go through the must visit itineraries of Bangkok famous for the vibrant, colorful and cosmopolitan city tour to Thailand. Other attractions are reflected in the form of lambency skyscrapers, blazing malls and shops, beautiful temples and a superfluity of luxury hotels of Bangkok often transcends the imagination of travelers. Another holiday destination of beyond India tour in Thailand is Phuket famous for beaches, islands and rocking nightlife. The tourist destination of Chiang Mai is famous as one of the rare cities in the world which can be dated back to as early as 700 hundred years. The must visit destination of Lampang in Thailand is she source of attraction for archaic monuments, temples and monasteries. The tourist destination beyond India tour of Pattaya in Thailand is famous for the honeymoon holidays as this tourist place is gifted with serene beaches and one of the oldest international beach resorts.
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