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Amritsar Tour

The city of Amritsar is an impressive reflection of our compound traditions and secular culture. A glittering city with magnificent devout hubs, spiritual places and historical sites Amritsar depicts a superb past, magnificent present and a hopeful future of our country that would be the best one among all others. With significant city of Majha region, it has titled as the jewel of Punjab. Having prosperous treasury of national heritage and religion, it has been prominent place in the world as the abode of all merits.

A trip to Amritsar is supposed to meet you with soul of the pilgrim. It is glittering showcase of embodiment of Sikh belief; the core of spiritual feeling of people, the style of living and wearing. Amritsar adorns a remarkable position in the Indian subcontinent encompassing Punjab’s political affairs, an opening to the Gulf Countries, a watchful sentry at the Indo-Pak border.

An icon of Amritsar is like a legacy with many blessed features that are the essential strength of the city lies in its effervescent monuments, sacred temples, pretty shrines and most of all in its folk arts and the tasty cuisine.

Amritsar is renowned for its good cuisine, good dress and all the good amenities in life. With tremendous attractions, it displays a stunning elegance and a lifestyle. Further, presently it has modern outlook that emanates a vital and enriching uniqueness around the world.

Some are the major tourist attractions: Golden, Jallianwala Bagh, Durgiana Temple, Wagah Border .


The history of this town depicts a perfect mix of Hindu and Sikh culture. the city has been the home to various sages and saints that has Founded by Guru Ram Das in the year 1547. It also has been referred in the various Puranas and the famous mythological epic Ramayana. Under Alexander during 326 BC, The city boasts of Greek influence.

From the 4th to the 6th century, the rulers of the Gupta Empire ruled here under the kingship of Sultan Mahmood of Ghazani. In the 16th century, Sikh Guru Ram Das and his successor Guru Arjan Dev established a temple around a small pool thus, at that time the city got its name Amritsar.

Travel within city

There are so many sources to travel in and around this city such as bus services, auto rickshaw services and cycle rickshaw services available in the city of Amritsar for tourists to take up.

Busses are referred a perfect transport to travel in Amritsar charging around Rs 4 to 10 for a trip. By opting for this service, you can make a quick visit and travel back home from the city. Thus, Buses are well maintained and moderately crowded in Amritsar.

Auto Rickshaw
Auto rickshaw is another form of transportation which come a faster mode of travel. You can opt for an auto rickshaw in which you can reach your destinations easily while under a time crunch. The cost of this mode is
Rs 40.

Cycle Rickshaw
A ride on Cycle rickshaws ply from the railway station to the Golden Temple too will cost you around Rs 20.

Opting for taxi can be a best option to travel around Amritsar. Cabs will cost you more than Rs 200, and these can be taken up at the following agencies.

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