Kathakali Dance Performance

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classical dance in India
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The Greenix Theatre is the most visited place at Fort Kochi in Kerala that represents you a unique style of classical dance in India. Kathakali is a special art form, combining a unique blend of dance, drama, music, literature and painting. Performers are completely embellished with intricate makeup and glittering attires through which they defines the stories, belonging to the epic Mahabharata and Ramayana with their different elaborate gestures. In Kathakali, there are three distinct types of make ups named as divine, demonic and worldly that design on artists. The four types of costumes are worn by the characters - veshams; pacha, kathi, tadi and minukku and each costume represents a distinctive dance form of Kerala.

Pacha or green is a symbol of gods. Heroes; kathi, or knife, is put on by the villains in the story tale. Characters wear tadi, or beard, exhibiting phenomenal qualities and minukku is typically used by women characters. The faces of the artists are adorned by Chutti and an edge-like mask. It also decorates the characters with rice paste and pretty helmet that is studded with red and green stones. The main feature of this dance art is gestures that mark out a character. Musicians intimately follow the beats as per the gestures of the performer, endorsing the characters. There are several kinds of classical instruments to be used in Kathakali, including drums (madalam and chenda), a gong (chengila) and cymbals (elathalam). The combination of all, presents you a very essence of ancient times of India. Return to the pier through board coach.

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