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Dam of Palakkad, tourist place to visit, Palakkad district of KeralaThere are number of legends associated with the origin of the name of Palakkad. According to one of the legends, the word Palakkad is derived from two words “Pala” which means “barren land” and “Kadu” which means “Jungle”, hence the combined meaning of the word Palakkad is “the forests of Pala trees”. According to another legend, the word “Pali” is Jains’ sacred language that gives the name “Palighat” which is anglicized version of Palakkad. The Palakkad district of Kerala enchanted the tourists for its various attractions of valleys, hillocks, rivers, forests, mountain streams, dams etc.

Date of formation
4480 sq. km
Forest Land
1363 sq. km
10.85° N
76.5° E
Population (2001)
Population density
584 per sq. km
Sex Ratio
1061 (1991)
Literacy Rate
Malayalam & English
Average rainfall
1831.3 mm
Max.: 45 0C; Min.: 20 0C
Best time to visit
September to February
Postal Code
STD Code


The land of Palakkad gives an overview of the flora and fauna in the form of palm trees, paddy fields with sweet scented flowers and wildlife sanctuaries. Palakkad is situated on the prime location of south west coast of India from where the biggest mountain pass of 30-40 Kms runs by that bifurcates the two folds of the Western Ghat on the border of Kerala with its neighboring state of Tamil Nadu. That is why it is also regarded as the "Gateway of Kerala".



The district of Kerala is well connected by the roadways, railways and airways. The brief descriptions of its access are mentioned below:
The international airport is situated at a distance of 55 Kms. from Palakkad. The Cochin Airport is located 160 Kms from Palakkad.
Rail: The district of Palakkad is well connected by the Indian Railway networks with two railway stations of Palakkad Junction located at distance of 5 Kms from city centre.
Road: Almost all the major cities and towns of south India are well connected by an excellent Road Transport System. So, the travelers are not facing problems while making their journey by road to Palakkad.



Palakkad history can be dated back to the Paleolithic period of ancient history where many megalithic relics have been found. During the second and third centuries, the Pallavas of Kanchi probably invaded the present district of Palakkad. Thereafter, the land was ruled by many dynasties and rulers till the declaration of British supremacy over the regions. Thereafter, Palakkad district became the part of Malabar district of the Madras Presidency of the British Empire.



The district of Palakkad is situated on the tropical regions, so the climate is hot and humid with sufficient rainfall. The district of Palakkad is also blessed with forests, hill stations, and many small rivers which are the tributaries of the Bharathapuzha River. During dry weather, hot winds blow from the burning plains of Coimbatore.


Wildlife Sancturies :

The district of Palakkad is famous for:

Silent Valley National Park which is located at a distance of 40 Km from Mannarghat with its major attractions of elephants, tigers, wild boars, flying squirrels, lion tailed macaques and king cobras.

Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary is famous for mammals, reptiles, fishes and flora with a giant teak of 40 m high and 6.4 m in girth and apathy named Kannimaram the first tree, stands as a monument of the past.

Trekking Trails :

The trekking trails of Palakkad leads to the trekking routes of Dhoni, Seethakundu and Govindamalai hills.

Fairs and Festivals :

Palakkad is historically known for its vivid cultural traditions which are reflected in the form of fairs and festivals. Some of the major fairs and festivals of Palakkad are as follows:

Kalpathy Car Festival
Kalpathy Viswanatha swamy temple is the oldest Siva temple in Malabar. It was build around 1425 AD. by Kombi Achan, the then Raja of Palakkad. Kalpathy Car Festival is based on vedic Tamil Brahmin culture. The main centre of the festival is Kalpathy Sree Viswanathaswamy temple.

Manappullikavu Vela Manappullikavu Vela is a major festival held every year at the Manappullikkavu Bhagavathy Temple. It is believed that the temple is about 1200 years old. It is different from other Bhagavathy Temples by way of rites and rituals. Namboodiries, that is, the Kerala Brahmins perform the daily rituals according to tantric traditions. Both Saiva and Vaishnava traditions are observed in the poojas.

Nenmara-Vallengi Vela Nenmara-Vallengi Vela is a renowned festival of Palakkad attracting people from far and wide. It is held annually on the Pooram day of the Malayalam month Meenam. The Festival starts with the hoisting the sacred flag.

Chittur Kongan Pada This festival is celebrated to commemorate the triumph of Nairs of Chittur over the militia of Konganadu.

Jain Temple Festivals
This festival is celebrated in the memory of sutar who built the temple 500 years ago at Jainamedu near Palakkad town.

Ottappalam Nercha Festival
This annual festival is held in the memory of saintly person Uthaman Auliya during the months of January and February. On the occasion of this festival Juma prayers are held in Ottappalam mosque on Fridays.

Kunnathurmedu Sri Krishna Temple Kunnathurmedu Sreekrishna Temple is located at the heart of the Palakkad Town. A beautiful Vigraha, (idol) depicting Sreekrishna as a child is an attraction of this temple. The main festival of the temple is Ashtami Rohini (Sreekrishna Jayanthi). It is the only Sreekrishna Temple in Palakkad Town.

Sivarathri festival:This festival is celebrated near the Kalpathy River conducted for the period of nine days.

Kalpathy Ratholsavam: This festival is dedicated to Shiva which is celebrated on the banks of Neela Nadhi just as Kasi is on the banks of the Ganges during the month of November.

Manappullikavu Vela: The important festival at Manappullikavu at Yakkara is the annual Vela.

Some other festivals of Palakkad are Kalpathy Car Festival, Manappullikavu Vela Nenmara-Vallengi Vela, Chittur Kongan Pada, Ottappalam Nercha Festival, and Kunnathurmedu Sri Krishna Temple etc.

Palakkad has quite a good number of options for shoppers. There is a Big Bazaar (Valiya Angadi) where shops sell items like traditional bells, peacock vilakkus, thooku or hanging villakus, nilavillakkus and utensils. Tranvancore sarees, Kerala souvenirs and jewelries are other options for shoppers. In fact, after Thrissur, it is Palakkad that has the highest number of jewellery shops. You can have a look at the new designs and also pick up the ones you like.
Places to visit :

Palakkad Fort : The fort is not only worth visiting because of its historical importance, rather it has a pleasant ambience that encourages you to Palakkad fort, situated in the heart of palakkad town, tourist  attraction, tours to visit Indiatake a walk in the evenings. Moreover, the Children’s Parks ensure that the place is full of cheerful and enthusiastic voices. There is also an auditorium and a small museum in the fort.
Ottappalam : (35 km from Palakkad): The town is known for its numerous places of worship and their colourful festivals. Durga Temple the Pooram at Chenakkathur the Nercha festival commemorating the Aulia.
Fantasy Park : (1400 - 2100 hrs on week days and 1100 - 2100 hrs on Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays). Ph: 815122 815124 Entrance fee: Adults Rs. 20 Children Rs. 10. Separate charges for rides and computer games. Block tickets: Adults Rs. 80 Children Rs. 60.
Thrithala : (75 km from Palakkad): This place is noted for its monuments and historic ruins. The Siva Temple and the ruins of a mud fort near Thrithala on the Chalissery road are notable cultural monuments.
Thiruvalathoor : (10 km from Palakkad) : The ancient temple here has some fine wood work and stone sculptures.
Dhoni : (15 km from Palakkad): It takes a three hour trek from the base of the Dhoni hills to reach this reserve forest area with its small, beautiful waterfall.
Kottayi : (15 km via Poodur from Palakkad): This tiny village is the native place of the late Chembai Vaidyanatha Bhagavathar, the doyen of Carnatic music.
Malampuzha : Malampuzha is the ‘Vrindavan’ of Kerala. It is 13 kms from Palakkad town. Since the completion of the dam in 1955, the place has been beautified into a tourist resort. The dam is located in idyllic surroundings with a hilly background. The beautiful garden on mughal model below the dam is the star attraction for the tourists. The small garden on Japanese style is also very attractive. The gigantic ‘Yakshi’ statue situated in the garden would cause surprise and wonder to anyone visiting Malampuzha. The fish-shaped aquarium is an added attraction. The snake park, the rock garden, the amusement park and the fancy park and the thrilling rides therein and the garden and fountain are the other attractions.
Kollengode : (19 km south of Palakkad) : Kollengode or the abode of blacksmiths enshrines the pristine beauty of rural Palakkad. The Kollengode Palace, the Vishnu Temple and the poet P. Kunhiraman Nair Memorial are worth visiting. Seethakundu and Govindamalai hills near Kaachankurichi are ideal for adventurous trekkers.
Lakkidi : (30 km from Palakkad): Killikkurissimangalam at Lakkidi is the birthplace of Kunchan Nambiar, the 18th century satirist and exponent of the Tullal (classical art form). The poet's house has been preserved as a monument by the State Government.
Meenkara : (32 km from Palakkad): This picnic spot is the site of a dam across the river Gayathri which flows into the Bharathapuzha.
Mangalam Dam : (50 km from Palakkad): This dam is built across the Cherukunnath River, a tributary of the Mangalam River. The damsite is a popular picnic spot.
Parambikulam Wild Life sanctuary : Parambikulam in Western Ghats is about 125 kms from Palakkad. The dam and the wildlife sanctuary here are renowned. All sorts of animals and birds are seen here. There is a reservoir also. The place is famous for teak plantations. The oldest teak tree, ‘Kannimaree’, stands here. There is a national park here, which is named after Salim Ali, the famous bird observer.
Thenari : It is believed that the waters of this natural spring, located in front of the old Sree Rama Temple here, is as sacred as the waters of the Ganges.
Mayiladumpara : This grove takes its name from the large number of peacocks found here.

Vadakkanthara Temple : The presiding deity here is Bhagavathy, an incarnation of Kannagi, the heroine of Tamil epic Silappadhikaram. In the evening, a small firework is set off as per the tradition which can be witnessed in most of the other Keralite temples as well. The timing of the fireworks remains the same all the time, so much so that the people around have no qualms in setting their clock on hearing the sound of the crackers.

Manapullikaavu : This temple is believed to be 1200 years old which ranked second in the list of its importance. The idol here is swayambhu (self created) and is found on one side of the Sreekovil. The main idol of the temple was installed at a much later date. The Vela Festival is the main festival of the temple.

Gramam : is an area where the love story of the Kochi Prince and tribal girl is associated. It also encompasses the areas of Kalapathy, Kumarapuram, Ramanathapuram, Ambikapuram, and Chokkanathapuram. There are around 35 families that still follow the customs of the Tamil Brahmins, viz., Vedas and Shashtras are passed down verbally from one generation to another.


Excursions :

tourist attraction, tour packages , tours and travels in India Some of the famous excursions of Palakkad are:
Parambikulam wildlife sanctuary
Mangalam dam (50 km)
thrithala (75 kms)
siruvani (48 kms north of palakkad)
ottappalam (35 kms)
lakkidi (30 kms)
kollengode ( 19 kms).

Rivers :
Bharathappuzha, Gayathripuzha, Kannadipuzha, Kalpathypuzha, Thuthapuzha

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