About us

Culture holidays India Pvt. Ltd., comes under the leading travel management company located in New Delhi which is serving the people from all over the world with preeminent services since 1999. ’Culture holidays’ exclusively serves as a means to explore this diverse nation with much ease. The company is duly recognized by the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India and is reputed as most prominent travel agents and tour operators in India.

Our assets

The company has a vast network of travel partners from across the world which has helped it earn more than 1 million satisfied customers all over the world. We accommodate a healthy track record of providing quality and reliable services to our customers with 100% customer satisfaction which helped in the development and growth of the company. We have been in the field for over 18 years with such extensive experience the company has transformed itself into a leading travel management company by establishing direct relations with more than 1800 major hotels and more than 2000 hotels at international level as well as transport service providers across the Indian subcontinent.

Our high quality experienced team

This leading company comprises a highly qualified, dedicated and hardworking group of professionals which helps to organize the specialized tour packages and even travelled widely to serve its customers with the first hand knowledge of the varied destinations. Every member in our staff has been chosen on the basis of their industry experience and dedication to client-centric philosophy.

Our aim

We pride ourselves in offering personal and professional service with inclusive customer gratification keeping in mind all the major things which the client requires as well as desires for at every step of the way, due to which we endorses 100% customer service. Serving our customers with best of what we have is our first priority as we acquire a culture of Putting Our Customers First. We want you to gain new insight into our people, our culture and tradition, and learn new ways of living. We do not believe in restricting you with a water tight itinerary. We endow immense pliancy as you can change your itinerary to your inclinations and requirements. We want it to be just the way you want it!

Our elite services

We are your at your service 24/7 through rapid response e-mail as well as our tour representatives that are placed in every city because we value your time and are very well aware of the importance of accessibility. The company specializes at handling inbound tours, including individuals’ group travelers, delegations and charter with air and railway reservations, special entertainment and theme events, cost effective programs, customized itinerary planning, multi lingual guide services, extensive tours to the regions, safaris and much more.

Our exclusive packages

The company provides online services with the special customer- friendly tour packages that are named after the company – ‘Culture Holidays Packages’ which helps to explore this enchanting subcontinent more conveniently. These packages provide the true essence of traveling and makes sure to satiate your appetite of exploration and discovery. ‘Culture holidays’ accommodates a plethora of tours according to various themes, occasions, special interests etc. India tour packages is the place where one can find every possible tour showcasing different aspects of India through which one can have an insight into the people, culture, way of living and traditions of India. We have a myriad of the best tours comprising the most prominent destinations of India from which you can chose from reflecting the dominant features of this diverse nation.

As said earlier too that our main aim is to keep our customer first, the whole tour is organized by keeping in mind the comfort of our customers, the itineraries are planned according to our customers will, comfort and requirement. Every possible thing is kept in mind to make our customer feel like home, we are their all the time to attend your every need and to make your journey more pleasurable and worthwhile.

The best part about Culture Holidays is that we keep getting better!